In the dark corners of virtual reality, where nightmares merge with reality, lies Surgit a heart-pounding horror experience that will test your courage and survival instincts. Step into the abyss, where every shadow hides a malevolent force, and your only chance of escape is to fight back.
Surgit plunges you into an abandoned asylum a place once filled with suffering souls and unspeakable experiments. Now, it echoes with distant screams and the stench of decay.

[Menu Interact Button: Right Trigger]

-Each weapon has unique handling characteristics, recoil patterns, and reload mechanisms.

Player Movement:
-Stick Movement
-Snap Turning
-Continuous Turning

Inventory System:
-Right/Left Hand QuickInventory

InGame Menu:
-[Left Menu Button] Change Your Settings while you are playing.

-[Right/Left Trigger] Distance Grab
-[Right/Left Trigger] Grab
-[Right Trigger] UI Interact

Save And Load:
-Progress are saved at the start and end of a level and at the checkpoints.

Note: Surgit is a fictional creation, but who knows what horrors await in the uncharted realms of virtual reality?

If you find bugs or inconsistencies while playing, do not hesitate to contact us via the form on our site!